Dearest Ones These are auspicious times .You are all coming to the end of a long and hard battle ,so to speak. Many of you are weary and tired but we urge you to not give up at the final hurdle. It may seem to you that nothing is happening but nothing could be further from the Truth .THE END is truly in sight.

The LIGHTWORKERS who came to the planet specifically for the TRANSITION from a 3rd to a 5th Dimensional planet are ahead of the game, so to speak .We have said before that your bodies are changing from carbon based to crystalline and this is surely the final hurdle that you all have to overcome.

However do not be dismayed by this. You are all more than capable of jumping this final hurdle into that NEW EARTH which you all so desire. Many of you may be suffering tiresome symptoms and we do understand that you might be feeling irritated by this. However if you LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and understand the messages that your body is saying they can be overcome very quickly. ASK YOUR BODY what it needs to heal. You may need to rest ,you may need exercise ,you may need to change your diet but your body knows ,so just ask it. Every one is different and what is right for one may not be right for another. LISTEN TO YOURSELF ! Others may advise but the best person that you can ever listen to ,is your own self.

LEARN TO BODY SCAN .Talk to the cells in every part of your body and tell them to Refresh renew and regenerate every day. MEDITATE and REST often during this period, let others help you and ALL WILL BE WELL.

As an adult the last 2 years have been quite challenging for many of you as you have tried to help those around you .Some of your friends and families were not listening and you have realised that talking to them was futile. However TAKE HEART for their SOUL was listening and they will awaken from their slumbers in time. Keep sending them your LOVE ,LISTEN to them but refrain from offering advice,for oft times they will not listen. It is time now to help those who HAVE AWOKEN and TRULY appreciate your spiritual help.

We would advise you now to WATCH the children and remember what it was like to be a child .Do all the fun things that as an adult you have forgotten to do. Life has become very stressful for many but as world finances are redistributed and machines take over some of the unpleasant work, there will be less work for humans to do and there will be more leisure time. LISTEN TO YOUR OWN INNER CHILD and ask him/her what they would like to do. Dance ,sing and play. Find out what brings you JOY and DO it. Remember what you loved to do when you were a child and DO it now. No excuses of not having the time. No excuses of not having the money for as a Lightworker YOU WILL ALWAYS BE LOOKED AFTER ,whatever you decide to do.

Many healers have come into this life with a poverty consciousness and many of you may not think that you have the finances at this time to do all that you would love to do .We would advise you to GO WITHIN now to increase your abundance. Indeed in the future money may not be needed as much as it is now. You will be able to help others as others help you and no money need ever change hands.

As you may know in the past 1% of the population had 90 % of the finances and controlled the world but this is all about to change and YOU are a part of that change. BELIEVE this and it WILL happen far sooner than you ever thought possible. Do you not see this happening now ? .Many people are beginning to distrust the larger global corporations who are making enormous amounts of money .Ordinary people like YOU are rising up , making them LISTEN and forcing them to CHANGE .There is a SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION happening and it will not stop until all are equal and receive what has been taken from them by the dark entities who had wanted to control the world.

You must begin to TRUST more in yourselves that YOU can make this CHANGE happen and know that as LIGHTWORKERS you will always be given the support that you need ,you just have to BELIEVE it.

KNOW that as POWERFUL SENTIENT BEINGS you can MANIFEST everything that you have ever wanted .The time has come now for you to TRUST and BELIEVE in YOURSELF and KNOW that you CAN achieve this. Look back on your life and see how far you have come. There may have been twists and turns in the road but you have always stayed on the road and you always will.

TAKE HEART, DEAR ONES there is much change in the world about to happen. Sadly as we have said before there will be many souls passing . This is in direct correlation to those who continue to listen to so called medical or governmental advice on health, instead of LISTENING to their own bodies.

The recent health scare of a so called lethal virus was orchestrated and many of you as LIGHTWORKERS quickly woke up to this fact. However do be prepared now for more deaths to come and the actual true causes of these deaths .More and more people will be starting to question these deaths and the TRUTH will come out much sooner than you think. Do not be afeared even if you have taken the vaccine for there are many therapies that are coming to the surface to help you. YOUR BODY IS MORE THAN CAPABLE OF HEALING anything that has been thrown at it.

Do not be concerned for your close friends and families for most of them will have been given a placebo. However they may well be given challenges in their own lives to awaken them so to speak and you may well be needed to help. However do not get embroiled in their problems . Give advice when asked but let them find their own way out of their problems as you have done. You are powerful enough now to HEAL anyone who is in your vicinity by just BEING there and words will not be needed.

Relationships are changing as soul mates who have been together for years go on their separate paths and new soul mates come together and join together in groups . MEDITATION is the key here to changing the world. Send your LOVE and your LIGHT to the world in these groups and you can change the energy in an instant. KNOW how POWERFUL you all are and the NEW WORLD will be with you sooner than you think.


As always we send you much LOVE and many BLESSINGS.


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius 19.8.2022

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