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CHANNELLING FROM ST GERMAINE 24.10.21 Dearest Ones I am here with you today to applaud you all for the amazing work that you have been doing and to offer you some spiritual solace and practical help. Many of you have been feeling exhausted during this awakening period on Planet Earth. You have been engaged inContinue reading “THE MAGIC WITHIN.”


CHANNELLING FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 21.10.2021 DEAR ONES NOW IS THE TIME TO WAKE UP AND BE IN LOVE NOT FEAR. Now is the time to awaken from your old world of fear and move into the New world of LOVE ,PEACE and HARMONY . In recent years much of your time on Earth has beenContinue reading “LOVE NOT FEAR”

Soul Mates

CHANNELLING FROM JESHUA AND MARY MAGDALENE 14.10.2021 Dearest Ones we come to you now to allay all of your fears at this moment in time. Humans are starting to wake up to the fact that the dark side has been trying to divide them into two camps for millennia. Jews against Christians,Black against White, MaleContinue reading “Soul Mates”

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