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CHANNELLING FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL .12.9.2022 Dearest Ones many of you are going through a period of mourning and grief at this time. When someone famous dies such as the Queen of England ,it is very common for this to bring back memories of your own losses . You may have actually lost a close friend…


CHANNELLED FROM SIRIUS . 26.8.2022 Dearest Ones we are here to tell you that you are in the final stages of your fight/change from darkness into LIGHT . It is as if the darker elements are finally being cornered and are not giving up the fight until every single soul is in the LIGHT and…


CHANNELLING FROM SIRIUS 19.8.2022 Dearest Ones These are auspicious times .You are all coming to the end of a long and hard battle ,so to speak. Many of you are weary and tired but we urge you to not give up at the final hurdle. It may seem to you that nothing is happening but…

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