To all Lightworkers who love Angels and Sirius . This Website will assist your Ascension with loving, hopeful messages from the Angels on Sirius.


Dearest Ones we are here with you at this time to let you know that ALL IS WELL.This year of 2021 heralds a new Dawn for Humanity. The past is now behind you as you start to dwell in the 5th Dimension, to live a new way of being .Many of you may have noticed that ,despite the ongoing confusion that is the World today, you are feeling apart from all that is happening and others who are still dwelling in a 3rd Dimension.

Dear Ones you can now patiently wait for others to catch up and they will. When others ,who may include your own family and friends, deny what you have been saying to them as TRUTH, do not despair .The massive waves of LIGHT that continue to flood the planet cannot help but awaken them also.You are ahead of the game Dear Ones and as such, you will be there when others wake up to the TRUTH that has been hidden from them by the Dark agenda. The TRUTH will be seeping out slowly as more people wake up .Many will be confused as they awaken but you will be there to console ,heal and allay their fears.

The LIGHT is shining in large pockets around the world as LIGHTWORKERS spread their LIGHT far and wide.These pockets of LIGHT will eventually come together as ONE and GAIA will rejoice .Technologies will come to LIGHT which will help GAIA to heal.New forms of energy will be found which will not hurt her.New ways of healing ,which have been hidden from sight, will be seen and no more will disease decimate the population.

We have known of these technologies in our own world for eons but we cannot interfere with your progress unless asked. In Ancient times the population knew about so called aliens and they will again as we all come together to aid the planet’s growth.The knowledge that we so called aliens do exist has been kept from the general public but as people start to wake up ,you Dear Ones will be very much needed to help them with your knowledge.

This Dear One has been communing with us for over 15 years and has had to hide this knowledge from many but NOW is the time for us to come forward into the LIGHT so to speak.We can help everyone , with futuristic technologies which you cannot imagine, as your planet moves forward into the 5th Dimension. Many of you have known of us in your dreams and meditations as beloved beings of the LIGHT, not Dark, but you will begin to see us soon in your own physical reality.

So Dear Ones do not be afraid .We are not of your world but we will come to you as Earthly beings as this Dear channel does.We will also come to you in your minds and show you the way out of the darkness that has been shrouding the Earth for centuries.We are not the aliens that you see in your films ,we are all a part of the ONE and as such we are a part of you.As with Angels we come in many disguises but we always come with LOVE and not to invade your planet as some scaremongers might tell you.

We can help to heal the planet with you.Call on the SIRIAN BLUE LIGHT to shine on all that concerns you.As we have said before we can neutralise anything that the dark agenda had in mind for the planet. We all work for the ONE TRUE GOD and anything that is not a part of LOVE will be neutralised and sent to the LIGHT. Do not fear anything now Dear Ones as all will change and evil and negativity will have no place on the planet.

You are powerful sentient beings and as such you can heal all.Surround your Family and friends in our BLUE LIGHT and no harm will come to them.

Dear Ones NOW is the TIME to WAKE UP and enjoy a more JOYOUS time on the planet.NOW is the time for all of your dreams to come true. Call on us in your Dreams for a better world of LOVE ,PEACE and HARMONY.

This new World is not in some far distant future it is NOW and you will be the Architects Dear Ones.

DREAM that New World into existence with us.

We wish you all that you would wish for yourself.

A Very Happy NEW year of LIGHT Dear Ones .

We are SIRIUS ,we send you much LOVE and many BLESSINGS.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius 1.1.2021

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