Dearest Ones we are here on this momentous day in the middle of the period known as the Lions Gate when our Star is strongly connected to the Earth Star. Every being on Earth is being affected by the challenging shifts in human consciousness. And it is not just humans who are shifting from a 3rd to a 5th Dimension of Love Peace and Harmony. Gaia and all of her inhabitants including the flora and fauna are also evolving.

These times are inevitably bringing in new ways of being with old systems falling and new ones taking their place. As Lightworkers you are ahead of the game so to speak and your mission is to hold strong whilst all of this is taking place. Many of you, who have been challenging the status quo in recent years, are beginning to wonder whether anything is actually happening ,as your friends and families get back to a normal way of being after the last two years of fear.

However we are here to let you know that much is happening behind the scenes of which you may not be aware. Light workers who were the first to awaken to the madness of the last two years are now being joined by others who are beginning to question what actually happened. You will begin to see more of the Main Media in this questioning as the control is being loosened. The house of cards is falling. It is time now to look to the future to find new ways of being which have been hidden from you.

As Lightworkers it has been very frustrating for some as their families and friends around them have not believed what they have been trying to tell them and still continue to stay asleep ,so to speak. However this will change and they will awaken in many different ways. Do not dwell on your differences but concentrate on your connections.

When you are with others who are still asleep ,do not argue or challenge them with words. Their souls will feel your Love even if their consciousness is still asleep. This is the new way to awaken others. As Lightworkers, your auras are far more powerful than words. Learn to Just Be around these people. You will begin to meet others who are more awake and who are starting to question the Status Quo. You will just know when it is the right time to talk to them and when it is the right time to stay silent.

Soon you will not want to be with others who are completely in the dark .They will have much work to complete by themselves. You are always in the the right place at the right time to help others , so remember how powerful you are by just Being.

The Earth changes that are taking place involve new shifting tectonic plates ,earthquakes, volcanoes, massive winds and new patterns of weather. Humans will have to think again about their ways of using Gaia and find new energy forms which do not harm her. Do not be afeared ,but another Nuclear energy disaster is imminent to awaken those who still think that this is a clean form of energy. Gaia will have her way of showing humans their wrongs on this matter.

Gaia has many other cleaner ways of giving humans their energy systems and these will come back to the Light having been hidden from view by the dark side for many years. The Galactic Federation are slowly informing humans in their dream states about these new energy systems now that the dark side have lost their power over humanity.

The future will now involve much help from the Galactics as the controlling Dark ones have been banished from Earth. We have said before that those who are still holding onto their dark power will have to change or leave.

This is happening as we speak so do be prepared for a mass leaving of souls . It will soon be very obvious that Big Pharma have been involved in many dark practices which have caused many deaths .These companies will fold as more ethical companies take their place.

There is much talk about energy outages and food and water shortages. It would be wise to keep a small stock of food for your immediate future but as Lightworkers you will be informed in many ways about this and you will just know what to do. Unethical food and manufacturing companies will soon begin to fold and disappear as more ethical companies take their place.

Life will begin to revolve around smaller communities as larger Governments who are self serving fall around the world. As you see there will be much change around the world but this is a good change for a better future for all on the planet. The monies that have been stolen from humanity by the dark side will come back into circulation and there will truly be enough for everyone to have a happy peaceful life working in a job which they enjoy without having to worry about fulfilling mortgages which will disappear when the rogue banking systems disappear .

Work will revolve more around healing and looking after the planet and others around you as you come together in communities to achieve this. There is much healing to take place both in your own consciousness’s and Gaia’s as you move forward to this New Earth.

It is important now to connect with your own soul to clear any last vestiges of darkness. Go within, meditate often and connect with your guides .Go out into Nature often to ground yourself . Look after the flora and fauna as Gaia goes though these changes and all will be well.

We thank you for your commitment to Gaia and for staying the course .Do not give up hope now for you will all be rewarded very soon .The future is glorious and the future is YOU.

As always we are here to help and guide you but the future is in YOUR hands .

We are Sirius.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius.


7 thoughts on “LIONS GATE MESSAGE 8.8.2022

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