Dearest Ones we say to you it that it is time NOW for you all to have some HOPE for the future.Each and every one of you has been through a challenging time in the last year on your planet.As many of you start to come out of your lockdowns and you are beginning to get back to some sense of normality,many of you are starting to feel into this vibration of HOPE. Whether you believe in the virus,whether you believe that it was man made or otherwise, whether or not you believe in taking a vaccine ,the Truth is that the vibration of HOPE is now coming to the fore.

The virus brought in a vibration of Fear to the planet and this Fear is now receding.A feeling of HOPE has descended onto the planet and HOPE is what dreams are made of. Think into HOPE and understand what it might mean for you.Go within and look into your HEART to see what sort of future you would like for yourselves and the planet.You are not just coming out of a year long lockdown. As humans on Earth you have indeed been locked down for centuries and many of you are beginning to realise what has been happening and who has been in control of you .

When you WAKE UP to know that you are a SOVEREIGN BEING and how POWERFUL that you really are, you can start to MANIFEST a HEAVEN on EARTH ,that you so desire and you will never be controlled again. Those of you who have woken up, so to speak ,can learn to live in the 5th Dimension in your dreams whilst living in the 3rd Dimension on the ground. Many of you are clearing the last vestiges of karma from your timelines. Soul groups are coming together in communities to lead themselves forward into a NEW WORLD of looking after themselves and the planet without the need for large Governments and corporations to control them.

Do not let his HOPE for the future be dampened by stories of Fear which the dark agenda are trying to spread as they realise that they are losing their control of you. As we have said before BELIEF in yourself is very powerful and once you have found this BELIEF it will be difficult for others to take it from you.Do not look to others to lead you into this NEW WORLD ,for the future starts with YOU. Know that as a soul you came here to MANIFEST this NEW WORLD and that whatever you wish or HOPE for, will be MANIFESTED in your life and those around you.

It is time now to stop fretting about the past ,do not let your feelings of what might have happened to you before ,get in the way of MANIFESTING a beautiful new future for yourselves.HOPE is where Manifestation starts. Whatever you wish or HOPE for will become a reality in your world. Whatever your experience has been in the past and whether your HOPES have been dashed before, realise that this is a NEW WORLD now, you are NEW BEINGS and you WILL be MANIFESTING whatever you so desire.

As beings of the LIGHT, this is YOUR POWER, the darker beings do not have this power and that is why they are so fearful of you.They will do everything they can to try to destroy this HOPE in you and put you back into Fear but Dear Ones do not let them.This is YOUR time now .Stand up and understand the tyranny of the past and present, and MANIFEST your FREEDOM for the FUTURE. More and more souls are waking up now and once awoken there is no going back.

As LIGHTWORKERS many of you may have felt alone and a single LIGHT in a sea of darkness in the past but that is all about to change as you LIGHT UP those around you and in doing so ,the WORLD. You are all being REBORN Dear Ones . You are becoming CRYSTALLINE SHINING LIGHT creatures. The denseness that was the 3rd Dimensional world is NOW transforming into a 5th Dimensional LIGHT world where darkness cannot exist.KNOW this Dear Ones, Shine that LIGHT and keep HOPE alive for a wonderful LOVING ,PEACEFUL future for you all.

This is your work now Dear Ones.BE that SHINING LIGHT for others to see and live in HOPE for a wonderful new future, where all can live in PEACE, LOVE and ABUNDANCE.

As always we are here to help and advise but YOU are the ONES who will be MANIFESTING the NEW WORLD . Keep that HOPE alive,Dear Ones.

We are SIRIUS and we send you much LOVE and Many BLESSINGS.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius.13.5.2021

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