Dearest Ones it is time for you all to retreat from the pressures of the outside world now, to go within and to clear the last vestiges of negativity from your mental,physical and spiritual selves.Many of you may be feeling sad, depressed, disorientated, angry,irritable, unloved ,alone and suffering from many different physical symptoms. All of these feelings and symptoms are coming to the fore now, to be finally cleared from your system as you move from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension.As way showers you are now being challenged to heal and perfect your own lives.

We have given you meditations and much advice as to how to achieve your own peace but the real advice as always comes from within you. As way showers you are being asked to be your perfect self and this is why all of these challenges are coming to you now. You may find that you feel that you are the only one in your own world who feels as you do.You may find that friends and family who you used to get on with, may start to annoy and irritate you.

Remember Dear ones that the energies that are being beamed upon your Earth at this time are powerful energies and are affecting every single one of you now.The energies are stirring you up, so to speak, and they are bringing to the surface, all that is needed to be cleared. Know that these times are temporary and the more that you go within to meditate on your so called imperfections the sooner you will be able to clear them, to become more of your perfect self.

It may seem as if you are the only ones who are having these hard times, feeling as if you are on a roller coaster ,happy one minute and sad or angry the next.All sorts of feelings ,emotions and bodily symptoms are being stirred up inside of you. Do not berate yourself when these symptoms or feelings come to you,know that they are being shown to you to make you stronger and more able to live as a perfected soul in these uncertain times.

Meditating and going within is so important for you now ,as you navigate the stormy waters of your own emotions.Meditating and being happy within your own selves without resorting to help from others will indeed bring you to a calm and peaceful presence and make you stronger and more able to ride the waves. There will be stormy times ahead for others ,when many truths come out and they will have to come to terms with what has been happening on your planet for thousands of years. As way showers you will already have known much of this information,come to terms with it and have calmed your own selves.You will be there for them as they have to go through the storm that is to come.

It is time now for you to work on yourselves ,to be the best that you can be and to not worry about your friends and family .Do not try to persuade them to be as you are,they will have their own awakening soon enough .Those friends and family members who are still asleep,will be waking up with a jump so to speak and you will be there to calm them as you have been calmed yourselves.

Have no Fear the future is assured.We have said before that those dark souls who have no intention of changing and upgrading themselves to live in the 5th Dimension of Peace Harmony and Love will NOT be able to stay on the planet.Do not fear how they will leave but leave they will. Prepare yourselves Dear Ones .Keep yourselves calm in your own craft for there will be stormy waters ahead as the mass awakening happens. Many dark souls will be leaving the planet ,fear not how this will happen.Gaia knows each and every single soul on her planet and is well able to rid herself of any dark creatures who would wish to harm her or her inhabitants.

Fear not for your own friends and families, for you have all come together as souls at this time to ride out this storm .You may have woken before them but they too will find their way. Be prepared for Volcanoes,Earthquakes,Massive winds ,Floods and strange weather patterns in the storm that is to come. Keep yourselves calm and you will weather the storm and be able to come home to a safe harbour.

We say all of these things not to cause concern but to prepare you for your future.You are all well able to ride the storm that is to come and to manifest that new Earth that you all so desire. Much change is coming to your planet . Those of you who know of the Tarot,know of the Tower card. Look into this card and see its real meaning. Two people are seen falling from a Tower that has been hit by lightning and it is being ravaged by fire .The Tower is the World and The Tower has been built on unstable ground.It is time now to knock down the Tower and build a new World on stable ground.

Look now to the Star card to bring in all that you wish for and the World card to bring in that New Heavenly Earth for you all to live in Peace ,Harmony and Love.

As always we are here to help you on your journey but as Powerful Sovereign Beings and a part of the One true God the future does indeed start with YOU to co- create your own Heaven on Earth.

We send you Much Love and Many Blessings.

We are Sirius.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius. 8.05.2021


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