This meditation is for all Lightworkers on a journey from the Dark into Light.

“Dearest Ones this meditation will help you to transverse the stormy waters of your emotions and give you Peace and Protection at this very special time on Earth.

Sit or lie down in a quiet ,comfortable space and turn off all distractions.

Breathe deeply 3 times ,breathing in Peace and breathing out all of your problems and worries. .Go through a body scan ,relaxing every single part of your body from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head.

Again ,take 3 big deep breaths, breathing deep down into your solar plexus .

Imagine yourself in a beautiful place in Nature whether it be by the sea ,in a meadow, on a mountain, by a river or any place that is special to you.

You are totally safe in this place surrounded by Mother Nature and your guides and Angels.The sun is shining and you are totally at ease in the warmth of the sun.

In the distance you see a figure coming towards you.This magnificent figure wears a flowing cape of the deepest blue that you can imagine.He wears an armour of gold which shines in the Light of the sun and he carries a sword of Silver Light sparkling in the sunlight.His immense wings flow behind him with the whitest feathers you have ever seen.

This is the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and you know him well.You have been with him for eons and he now comes to you personally to thank you for all of your hard work in battling evil but always with goodness in your heart.

He sits down next to you and starts a conversation with you.You talk to him about all of your fears.You may be fearful of certain places, things that are happening or even people who are challenging you or confronting you .Let him know of your problems and fears.Stay with him for awhile.He is a great listener and as you talk he will answer your problems and allay all of your fears.

When you are feeling more at peace he asks you to stand up and he places a beautiful cloak and hood of the deepest blue to completely cover you. This is your protection.

He puts a sword of LIGHT into your hands .This is to cut away any entanglements ,situations,people or relationships which are causing you harm.

He then gives you the biggest hug you have ever had as you feel him encircling you in his arms. You feel his immense LOVE and are left with a feeling of PEACE which passes all understanding.He rubs your head in affection and says “CALL ON ME, ANYTIME !” and he then floats away to the setting sun.

This is MICHAEL’S gift to you.

You are now one of MICHAEL’S LEGIONS of the LIGHT

You are now protected from all evil and no one or nothing can ever harm you again.

Thank your guides and Angels and when you are ready come back to waking consciousness and know that ALL is WELL with the great ARCHANGEL MICHAEL on your side.

Come back to this meditation anytime you are feeling less than LOVE and MICHAEL will be with you in an instant.”

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius.19.01.2021.

I have worked with Michael for sometime now (He just said, all of my life but I didn’t always know it!!!! Ha Ha) He is such a good friend to have on your side.He is not one of your fluffy Angels that some may see but a very strong, wise ,protector Angel and he is often very ,very funny .Call on him when you need some support in dealing with these challenging times and with people who may be challenging you. Enjoy Tx

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