Dearest Ones NOW IS THE TIME TO AWAKEN from your slumbers.Your planet Earth is undergoing a rapid change as you all move from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension and above.My legions of workers of the LIGHT have known about this happening for eons of your time and is why they came from across the galaxy to be here NOW.

However as they incarnated ,many forgot who they were and had to work hard to come back into balance, so to speak.There are many,many good people on Planet Earth at this time who have no idea who and what they are and why they are here .i.e a soul in body form having a learning experience on the planet at this very special time.You all came here to learn and grow your soul and if you are alive at this time you are very special souls indeed for you have much to give.

A Darkness descended on the Earth eons ago, as souls played out what would happen if a Satanic presence were in control of the Earth, so to speak. At times this presence was so strong that the Earth was at risk of being destroyed.Another such time is taking place NOW. GOD has allowed every single soul to play out their life on the Earth without interfering but he will not allow the Earth to be destroyed.

Many of you incarnated in Lemuria and Atlantis and you remember the times that these civilisations collapsed and you perished or fled the land.Many of the LIGHTWORKERS who are on the planet now are awake and ahead of the game so to speak .They have awoken at various times in their current life and have been working with the higher realms to overcome the dark presence that has been haunting the planet.

Make no mistake the battle of GOOD against evil has been won now and Satan has had his time and will retreat.Satan is not a concept that some of you might see as real, as with Angels .If you cannot see them as real, imagine them as negative or positive energies which can certainly affect you.You are all a mass of powerful energies which you need to be able to control from within.Your soul is always FREE to roam no matter what restrictions are being placed upon you by those around you.

It would behove you well to WAKE UP NOW and see what has been happening before your very eyes before the TRUTH is actually thrust upon you. You have all been under a control which you think is normal.Your spirit has been dampened and you have no idea how powerful you are.The darker element know this and have kept you from seeking the TRUTH.

The workers of the LIGHT are now coming out of the shadows and are seeking the real TRUTH and talking about it.They have sometimes had to hide their LIGHT , for fear of being ridiculed.They may have been villified for years but it is now TIME for you all to LISTEN to what they have to say. You will not be hearing the TRUTH from your main media which is still in thrall to the dark side.However their Time is up now and you may soon start to see the inklings of the real TRUTH as some of the workers in these places, wake up themselves.

When the TRUTH does come out many, many people will be shocked and wonder why they could have been so blinded. Do not berate yourselves as the Dark agenda has been very clever in their control of you but no more!!!.Their time is up and these dark souls will have to transform or leave the planet.

NOW is the TIME to WAKE UP and help GAIA, your own Mother Earth to heal the damage that has been caused to her for centuries. Many of you are starting to see how much GAIA has been healing you at this time.She knows every single one of you and whether or not you have been kind to her. Breathe her fresh air and fear not any virus .Fear is the antithesis of LOVE.LOVE and BLESS the virus and it will do you no harm.

Contrary to what is being said in your news media the virus is receding.The talk of new strains are as such with any virus and the human immune system is more than able to cope without resorting to man made vaccinations.The virus was constructed by the dark agenda but it too has transformed into the LIGHT . Had the dark agenda had their way you would never have broken free from their control and restrictions.

However the LIGHT is now encircling the planet and the dark is hiding in various corners as their control is being taken from them.Good always comes out of bad and the virus has actually helped to awaken far more people on the planet .Many more souls have passed into the LIGHT at this time but in TRUTH it was their time to leave whether or not they contracted a virus.Remember the soul always goes on when the body dies.

Many people have lost loved ones in this current time which is sad for all but Dear Ones learn to BLESS them for their life and their journey .Their soul is still with you.Talk to them in your dreams .The person that you knew is now in a better place and will be around you to help you .Talk to them and listen to what they say.

GAIA is now recovering from some of the damage that has been done to her. The virus has indeed brought many communities together as many countries are no longer at war with each other as they fight a common enemy.

Dearest Ones it is important now to go within and listen to your own soul to heal the sadnesses of the past.You may get angry ,you may cry ,you may feel frustrated but do not take these feelings out on another sentient being on the planet .Call on your guides and Angels for support and guidance.

Your world is never going to be the same again but it is going to be a much BETTER world for ALL.It is time now for you all to learn that you are Powerful Sentient beings and as such you can MANIFEST a wonderful NEW WORLD for the good of all and enjoy a new way of being without being controlled by another.

There is so much abundance that Mother Nature has to give you .There are energies which have been hidden from you,remedies that she grows without resorting to chemicals which are less than useful and vaccines which can sometimes be harmful. There are medical technologies to delay ageing and heal disease which you thought could not be healed.There will be abundance for all as the dark agenda give up their wealth which has been taken from you.There is so much that has been hidden from you that you will be totally amazed .

There is a new TIME coming on EARTH when the real TRUTH will be seen by all and it will seem as if your whole world will be turned upside down .It may not be easy for many of you if you have not awoken to all of this .This is when my DEAR LIGHTWORKERS can help to heal you ,for they have much information on how to do this, having been through an awakening process themselves.

In time you will see the TRUTH of all of this but in the meantime before dismissing this missive as Conspiracy theory seek out the TRUTH yourself. Listen not to the Main media do you own research for the TRUTH is out there .There are many on the Alternative media who are now coming out of the woodwork to tell their stories. DISCERN everything that you see or hear .Listen to your own HEART and feel the TRUTH .

Go within, Meditate and talk to your own soul.Call on your own Guides and Angels or God himself to hear the TRUTH for yourselves.

When you too WAKE UP, you will come to see that this time is heralding a wonderful new HEAVEN on EARTH that all can enjoy.



Channeled by Thea Grace Sirius 18.01.2021


  1. part of me finds this hard to believe but in a way I’m hearing the truth and yes the flesh does not always comprehends it fully. I AM in the focus of my soul being saved for GOD and know GOD has a right to feel how he does with humanity and with all that has began before I was born and of my presence now….I have many questions about a lot but I know I have to do what needs to be done so I can get those answers from GOD himself.


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