HAVE NO FEAR .13.4.2021

Dearest Ones we are here to tell you that ALL IS WELL. Many of you are going through your own dark night of the soul, so to speak . Be gentle with yourselves and know that the end is in sight.You are clearing away the last vestiges of trauma from this and other past lives.This inevitably means that it may be an uncomfortable time for you. physically or mentally. Those of you who are reading this, are the way showers and have come here specifically for this time.You may feel that you are at the end of your tether ,so to speak ,but have no fear you are all OK.

You are all clearing so much now, but YOU will be the ones helping others when they come to do what you are doing now. It may seem as if you are the only one in your own family ,group of friends or area who is feeling as you do.This is no accident. YOU are the brave ones. YOU are the ones who volunteered to be at the forefront of this Ascension to the 5th Dimension.Nobody said it would be easy and you knew that some would fall by the way side but YOU Dear Ones are the ones who got through.

YOU Dear Ones are the ones who are indeed here to save the world. You do not need anyone else to do this for you.YOU are doing this as we speak. YOU are Sovereign beings in your own right and YOU are sending that beautiful LOVE and LIGHT to all around you by just being YOU. It is time to sit back now and just do that. Just Be YOU. Some of you may well feel like protesting in the streets and speaking out in many forms. That is well and good but others will feel that they have done their bit, so to speak ,and will just want to be on their own.

We have always said that the most important work that you can ever do is to work on yourselves. This is not selfish ,this is the supreme way of being. You can never heal anyone else unless you have healed yourself. You are the ones who know yourselves so well and you are the ones to heal yourselves. Others may help with this work but in the end YOU are the Sovereign beings who know all and can heal all.

So Dear Ones, if you are going through problems and traumas at this time always go within to connect with your own higher selves.We can of course help, guide and advise you but in the end your answers will always come from within. The more that you can meditate and go within ,the more you will be able to trust your own intuition and good advice.

As always we are watching you and admiring you from afar but know that the Earth has been saved and nothing can stop what is happening as she Ascends and in doing so you are all Ascending too. Those dark entities are leaving and will not be able to Ascend with you. Have no fear for your friends and families ,they are not the evil ones who have been trying to control you. The dark ones and their minions who knew what was going on will have no place in the 5th Dimension. Your friends and family will be following you, have no fear about that.

Have no fear about the vaccines, 5G , chem trails ,contaminated this and that. YOU are the LIGHT and YOU are clearing all of that with your thoughts. You are infused with so much LIGHT now and you don’t even know how powerful you are. You need to remember how powerful you all are and know that YOU too can neutralise anything that is being thrown at you with the power of your LIGHT.

You are manifesting at ever faster rates. What you are thinking in one moment is being changed in the next. Keep your thoughts pure Dear ones and you will have all that you so desire for the Earth and for yourselves. Clear your thoughts from the past and MANIFEST the future that you all so desire.

We are so proud of what you are doing Dear Ones.If you could see the Earth from our perspective you would see a planet that is enveloped in LIGHT ,with but a few dark spots which YOU dear Ones are clearing with your thoughts. When negative thoughts come into your mind as they will,know that they are only there from your past to be healed.Acknowledge them but let them go and you will be more able to hold onto the positive thoughts for your future..

Know that this is a NEW time now and what you had believed in the past will be changing completely now. You may have felt that you could never feel healthy or abundant again ,or never be able to have that perfect relationship. Those are the thoughts to let go of now. Be not sad about the dark that you might see around you. Bless the dark for it is being shown to you, for it to be transformed into the LIGHT Think healthy,abundant thoughts now.

As has been said many times before. .Accentuate the Positive and eliminate the negative from your lives. This is the powerful work that you can do everyday for yourselves and the future will be yours as you so wish. We thank you for your hard work Dear Ones and we rejoice in this New Earth that is coming into being which you have all helped to manifest. Be well Dear Ones , Think good thoughts,Be positive and HAVE NO FEAR. We are Sirius. Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius. 13.4.2021

10 thoughts on “HAVE NO FEAR .13.4.2021

  1. Thea Grace- I always look forward to your positive and uplifting words- I resonate with everything you say… I am struggling at this time myself because I am trying to go inside and find if I am a star seed or if I am just the regular woman I’ve always been. I have been awake for some time and I’ve tried to activated the chakras within me but I don’t feel I’m in tuned enough to do so- I think I need help to become the light body that I want to be – can you help me? I think maybe the universe is not ready for me to change so I’m trying to do what I can to help myself- I only have a sister I can talk to about this because most of the family think we are crazy- but that’s ok I know that our future lies in the 5th dimension- thanks foe listening this morning any word of encouragement would be good- God Bless and thank you

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    1. Dear Patty Thank you so much for your kind words.If you are reading and enjoying these posts I am sure that you are definitely a Light worker and most likely a Starseed.Relax ,keep doing the meditations and keep going within to find your answers. I have often felt on my own amongst others who have not yet awoken but as they say there is always a reason why you are where you are..Feel proud that you may be the only one anchoring the Light and healing others in your own part of the world. Keep strong and keep asking for help to find your own soul family to support you on Earth..with much Love Theax

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    2. Dear Patty, I’ve just read your words and just wanted to let you know I am feeling the same way, in these difficult times. I’ve only recently discovered this site, and I feel just by reading Thea’s words, I am being helped by the Sirians, I’m trying to find my answers too, as I feel very alone at this time, my family and friends have not awakened yet. As Thea , and Sirians say, be kind to ourselves. Blessings to you.


  2. Beautiful words, I feel better just by reading this now. Thank you. I must have missed this post, I’ve only just seen it, but I feel I was meant to read this today, (21/4) so thank you again.


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