Dearest Ones it is time to come together in your communities and put aside your petty differences. There is much work to do to heal the divisions that have been created by the dark side .The controlling element of the dark evil that had infiltrated Earth has left the planet but it has left behind a fractured humanity and it is now time for you all to go within and recognize the wounds that are coming to the surface to be healed .

You have all been living in such a convoluted world for so many years now, that you have got used to being divided ,which is how the darker side was able to control you. Old wounds are coming up within you to be finally healed .It is time now to go inside of yourselves to heal the last vestiges of negative emotions which are coming to the surface. It is time now for you to put aside all of your differences and to come together as One. This is the only way that you are going to save the World.

Many of you are feeling tired and in need of a Saviour but we have to tell you dear Ones that YOU are indeed the Saviours of the world . You have all been working so hard in recent years that you are battle weary and in need of a rest .

Take that rest now Dear Ones and heal all those minor irritations that are coming to the surface. Go within and see them for what they are . Realize that the differences that you see in others are all part of the rich diversity of human interactions . No other human being on the planet is exactly like you and you will always have your differences.

The differences that you see in others are being magnified at this time because you have been in a so called war and you are feeling bruised. However these differences are only skin deep and can be healed in an instant when you realize that you are all a part of the Great being called The One .

Being at war with others in this world is like cutting off your nose to spite your face ,as they say. Do not give up at the last hurdle. The last hurdle of this so called war is healing your own inner wounds. Others around you will be bringing up these wounds in you to be finally healed. Thank them, for they are only doing their soul’s work to help you evolve.

It is time now to settle those differences that you see in others and come together as One to heal the Earth for she so needs your help now. The Earth is in a state of motion and you will begin to see many changes of weather patterns as she corrects the imbalances that the dark side had forced upon her. The Earth will become a very different place as she shifts on her axis to be closer to the Great Central Sun.

This is not the dramatic event that had been foretold but a gradual lessening of severe harsh conditions of extremes of hot and cold temperatures to becoming a more temperate planet on which to live. Some species of plants and animals will die out but others will take their place as Nature’s species begin to be able to live harmoniously together.

Does this seem like a pipe dream to you?. Well think again Dear Ones. This is your future ,this is the 5th Dimension. Did you think that it was just the humans that would be changing to be able to live in this New Heaven on Earth ? Nature is coming together as One as humans are so doing.

There will be less of a need for the killing of other creatures, as all species turn to a more plant based world to survive. There will be more of a reliance of what Nature grows as plants ,flowers and herbs in the way of food and medicine and less of a reliance on the killing of other creatures for food. As humans evolve so will the Animal kingdom as the vibrations start to change on the planet. As was said in the bible “The Lion will sit down with the Lamb”

Vibrations coming to the Earth from the Great Central Sun are increasing and you will have noticed that your bodies are changing as you adapt to a different way of being. You are becoming a very different body to the one that came into this world .As you change so the Earth is changing around you.

Imagine a World without wars ,Dear Ones for this is your future and it starts NOW. Send your Love and your Light into all parts of the World where there are battles taking place and as soon as they start they will finish. The Earth will not allow any more battles to take place on her soil. The dark, evil entities who would countenance these wars have no place in a 5th Dimensional World and will be taken off planet.

Rejoice now Dear Ones for the World is becoming a New World .A World that you have dreamed of is within your reach now. As you heal yourselves, you will heal others around you. As you heal others around you ,you will heal the World. Put aside your differences and come together in your communities and create this new Heaven on Earth for all to live in Love ,Light, Peace and Harmony.

We are here to assist you ,for we have been through this process in our own history. Call on us for help, for we are closer to you now than we have ever been. There will come a time when you will all be able to see us as we help you to build a better world. We will show you technologies that have been hidden from you but until that time you will be with us in your dream states and connect with us in your meditations.

Have Faith now Dear Ones. Trust and Believe in a better World and that World will be yours.

We send you much Love and many Blessings until we meet again.

We are Sirius.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius.


6 thoughts on “COMMUNITIES.

  1. Thank You, Thea Grace Sirius, For This Upliftment! And So Shall It Be. All Is Well. In God’s Name, Tat Tvam Asi!


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