Now is the time to awaken from your old world of fear and move into the New world of LOVE ,PEACE and HARMONY . In recent years much of your time on Earth has been spent in fear .Fear of not having enough money,fear of dis-ease,fear of different cultures, fear of not having enough food or shelter, a fear of the ravages of Nature and the climate, a fear of God,a fear of the Devil,a fear of not being loved and a fear of death. These are all fears which may well have a basis in some truth in your own life or even in a past life led in fear but they are all learned fears.

As a baby you actually came into this life with no real fear ,apart from a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises .Much of the fear that most of you are feeling now, has been learnt over the years that you have been on Earth.These fears have been learnt from your parents, your teachers,your friends and others around you .You have all learned these fears from the experiences that you have had .In Truth if all children were brought up in a total world of LOVE, there would be no fear and you would all be living in complete Bliss.

Whether you believe it or not, each and every single one of you has a Guardian Angel who is constantly with you. Many other Angels can also be called upon for specific purposes. It is such an important time now to connect with your Angels ,to get rid of your fears and to learn to live in a state of LOVE. Much has been talked about humans moving from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimension and even this has brought up a fear in many of you.

As Lightworkers many of you may well have been told that you may have to leave your own family and friends to Ascend from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimension and you fear having to live without them to do so and you are trying to convince them all to wake up.

I am hear to tell you again to HAVE NO FEAR about this Dear Ones .In TRUTH all loving beings will be Ascending into this 5th Dimension on Earth but at different times. You as Lightworkers may well already have woken up and are living in families who are still asleep so to speak.Again HAVE NO FEAR as you all came into this world with your friends and families (whether they know it or not)to change this world into a better place and you are all on this journey together.All LOVING beings WILL be transcending into this NEW WORLD .

The Earth or Gaia as she is known is transcending and evolving.She knows every single one of you and she will be taking ALL LOVING beings with her as she transcends into the New world . You as Lightworkers and Starseeds are the Way showers and are ahead of the game so to speak .You all woke up at different times and so will your friends and families around you.BLESS them all to help them with their own Ascension and know that they will too Ascend in time.

It has been difficult for many of you as you have felt on your own amongst those who do not believe in what you say and sometimes mock you for your beliefs. This is no accident Dear ones as you, as a Lightworker, have come into the world specifically to help at this special time .You may well have come from other dimensions and never incarnated here before and you may be feeling at odds with others who do not understand you. When you feel alone ,think of yourself as a lightbulb lighting up the darkness around you and call on your Angels for help as you are never, ever alone. Surround yourself with Archangel Zadkiel’s and St Germaine’s silver,gold and violet flame to help you be amongst any others who are fearful and might attack you for your beliefs.

As many of you may know, dark entities have been trying to control humans for eons of your Earth’s time and have been allowed to do so Yo may ask why God has allowed this .

To explain -: Earth has been involved in an experiment ,so to speak .Humans were given free will to live in this experiment and it has been a school of learning for eons of your time . Humans were given free will to do as they wanted, to learn and to grow but to never destroy the planet.Higher beings have always stepped in to help at these times as they are doing so now. This experiment has now come to an end as Gaia is transforming herself into a planet of LOVE and Higher learning.

The dark entities that have been controlling you for centuries of your time, have also been given the opportunity to transform and transcend into the 5th Dimension.This may well seem an anathema to many of you, who have been told otherwise. Each and every single soul is a part of God and as such will be given the opportunity to transform but if they do not do so they will be leaving the planet to continue their own learning in another dimension. It is God’s decision how this will be achieved and not for any human to do so. .

Have no fear of these dark souls who have been causing so much havoc on Earth for centuries of your time .They know that their time is up .Do not fear these dark ones and what they say to you.It is their fear now.They have lost the war and their fear of a lack of control over you is causing much of the havoc that abounds on Earth today. They will try to make you fear everything to keep you under their control. They have orchestrated all of your fears to stop you from knowing that you are a Sovereign Divine Being and YOU have the control ,not them..

Do not let them hide your LIGHT anymore..They cannot control you unless you let them.

Have no fear for they know that once you have woken up , they will have no more power over you . All you have to do is to stand up and say NO to them . As a part of GOD, YOU are a SOVEREIGN being and your Loving power is immense and WILL change the world

Have no fear Dear Ones, your own dear friends and families will join you on this journey.Many of you have felt alone and unloved but YOU are the wayshowers who are ahead of the game ,so to speak. As you have awoken , others will do so but at different times. However as time speeds up your friends and families will be catching up soon and join you on this exciting journey.

Many of you are feeling this speeding up of time as you go through the Ascension process . Time as such ,is an illusion and when you feel like this, slow down and learn to smell the roses ,as they say.

Many of you are also having many strange symptoms which cannot be explained. Again, let your body rest as it catches up with your soul which is way ahead of your body in this process. Your body is the Temple of your soul and as such you need to listen to what your body needs, as well as your soul, at this time.

Learn to listen to your body and ask it what it wants. It will know what it needs and each and every one of you will need many different things .It might be wanting more or less different foods or liquids.It may need more exercise or it may need more rest.All bodies are different and what suits one body will not suit another .No one expert can tell you what YOU need as there is no one answer for everyone ,you just have to ask YOUR body and LISTEN to it what it tells you as to what it needs.

Many of you may be feeling guided to leave your jobs,relationships or even move to different areas. Timelines are changing so much at this time that it would be advisable to check in with your body to see if it is the right time to do this.Your soul might want the move but your body may not be quite ready at this particular moment in time. This is not to say that this will not happen but it may not be the right time.When your body and soul are in complete alignment, you will just know.

It will be so helpful to you Dear Ones to connect with your Angels at this time for comfort and advice .One day you may well have so much energy to do whatever you want to do and another day you may feel so tired that you want to rest all day. Be gentle with yourself at this time as this has never happened on Earth before.

You are all navigating immense changes both on the Earth and in your own bodies as they change from carbon based to crystalline and more DNA strands come online. This will happen automatically to all .Most Lightworkers will be ahead of the game, so to speak, and be more than able to process these new energies that are being beamed onto Earth from the Universe without too many harmful symptoms . When others Ascend after you,you will then be more than able to help them with their own Ascension symptoms.

As Gaia also Ascends you will notice many changes. Strange weather patterns earthquakes,volcanoes,heavy winds and extremes of temperatures.Do not Fear all of this as she is transforming herself into an ambient planet where all souls can live comfortably at any point on her planet. Help her at this time by walking gently on her soil and to rid herself of all of humans excesses of the past.As has been said before there is no need to fear any energies running out.

Gaia will show you how she can help you to find new sustainable energies from her ground . Sustainable safe energies and new technologies which could have helped in the past have been hidden from you by the darker side of humanity. These new technologies and energies will gradually now be coming to Light.

Have no fear of lack of any kind . Gaia has enough resources for each and every one of you to live comfortably on her ground. The time will come when money will not be relevant as you learn to have no fear of others wanting to control you and you learn to live with one another in a state of peace and harmony.You will all be helping each other to live in this New World of plenty.

Have no fear of dis-ease as Gaia has everything that you need to heal yourself without resorting to harmful chemicals or vaxs . Some of these diseases were actually produced by the darker entities to keep you in a state of fear.Gaia’s cures have been hidden from you to keep you all in fear . Gaia’s cures are not harmful and free to all .They can and will heal anything.You just have to Ask her to help.

This New World may sound like a far fetched dream to many of you but BELIEVE it Dear Ones.Whatever you see to the contrary a big change is happening for the better on Earth now. Ignore the doom sayers who say that the Earth is dying.Gaia is very much alive and well and knows exactly what she is doing.

Know that you are all SOVEREIGN BEINGS and a part of GOD and as such you CAN and you will MANIFEST this New Utopia on Earth that you all so desire NOW.

BELIEVE it and you will MANIFEST it.

We are and always have been with you to Love ,guide and to help you traverse this exciting time as you move ever upwards from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimension and above.

HAVE NO FEAR Dear Ones ,learn to LOVE everything that is happening to you on Earth today as you are all learning to navigate these times and we are here to help.

ALL WILL BE WELL in your New Heaven on Earth ,which you all came here to enjoy.

Just BE the Loving being that you are and you will all be in that 5th Dimension of LOVE ,GRACE,HOPE and PEACE , much sooner than you all think.

I send you much LOVE and many BLESSINGS.


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius .


10 thoughts on “LOVE NOT FEAR

  1. Beautiful message, I was thinking about moving to another country yesterday, and many days before, my body is very tired, I try to take care and keep people/family out of fear but they think I am strange. Since 2014 I am awake and I cannot take it any longer to always be nice to my family when they act like I am not good in my head. My sister had cancer, long and braincancer, since beginning of 2018, my man died in 2018, my friend in 2019 and 3 other people I knew. I believe they are free now but it were hard times to see them suffer so much. My sister is so afraid of spending money for her health now, because she think cause of loosing her job that she cannot save more money,….a massage for her health she did ones, but more massages, she doubt about that.

    She thinks I have to look better, go to a haridresser and all that matrix shit, she do not tell me exaclty but I feel everything she tihinks. I need to leave this country I am to tired, I want to live far away and live my own life. I feel so sorry for her, she follow al the illigal rules, take the jabs, and live in fear. But they think I am the crazy one. I dont feel alone, I have one angel in the house, my cat from Sirius! She is a lovely soul of light and very very much appriciated.

    Thank you for your beautiful message full of love. I appricate this. Lots of love from the Netherlands.


    1. Dear Manik We are all going through challenging times. The beings that I channel from Sirius are such loving beings and they do help me a lot because I also feel very alone at times.I think we are all very tired of what is happening .I have noticed that we are all being triggered to finally clear all of our past problems.When you are feeling down ,do reach out to your guides and Angels and they will surely help. A lot of us are on our own but we are guiding lights for others around us whether they know this or not..You are strong and you will cope ,we will all get through this .Don’t ever give up as I am sure it won’t be long before we will have that New World that we all so desire.Know that you are very much loved.Theax

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  2. Please check your / their translation into french on The translation is awful with words such as ” ayer ” instead of ” n’ayez pas ” and – more incredible – ” douches ” for ” showers “. Showers means ” montreurs de chemin “, not a part of your bathroom !


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