Channelling from Jeshua and Mary Magdalene .13.8.2021


Dearest Ones many of you are wondering when things are going to change.Those of you who are awake are wondering when those around you will also awaken from their slumbers. You watch the news and the real TRUTH is not being revealed and you get disappointed.You get angry when others discriminate against you, for not believing the current agenda and do not listen to your words of TRUTH..Many of you feel alienated from some of your friends and family .Life seems tough but Dearest children we are here to uplift you and to let you know that you are not alone.

Remember the times we walked together on this Earth over 2000 years ago ,trying to tell the TRUTH as we saw it in those times.You may not know it, but I too doubted my words when they did not seem to have any power to reveal the TRUTH to others.Yes there were times when people were healed around me but I too had my doubts as many of you may have now.

These are momentous times Dear ones and I am here to tell you to keep strong ,keep firm in your resolve to help change the world.You are all a part of the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS which is indeed changing the world into a 5th Dimension of LOVE and truly a new Heaven on Earth.The TIME has come for LOVE ,not anger, hate and division. When others ignore or deride you for your beliefs,do not argue with them ,just send them LOVE in your hearts and FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. This may seem a simple premise but it is very powerful .Send everyone your LOVE and your LIGHT and ALL WILL BE WELL.

Mary Magdalene:

Dearest Ones the females amongst you may have noticed that the male of the species are not waking up as fast as their other halves ,so to speak. This may be concerning you especially if you are in a relationship where your partner is still asleep .Do not hide your LIGHT from your other half ,even if he does not want to see it. Do not hide your TRUTH from your partner.If he gets angry with you when you speak your TRUTH,it may be TIME to leave.

Always ask God for help in this and KNOW that he will always advise and protect you. It maybe that you might need to separate and you may not have the strength for this. Keep sending your partner much LOVE and LIGHT and keep asking for advice from within and eventually he will either succumb to the LIGHT or leave. It may well be that he will wake up and support you but be aware that if you do stay in an unhealthy relationship your own LIGHT may be dimmed.Far better to be on your own than having your own LIGHT dimmed.

Dearest Ones this may bring up Fear in many of you but KNOW that there will always be help from the Higher Realms.All you have to do is to ASK. Those of you who feel that you are committed to staying in a relationship or have children will have to decide what to do. Many have done this before you and found out that separation is not such a bad thing and the LOVE that you may have had between you is still there whether you live together or not and that you both of you can survive very well apart. However it is your choice whether to stay or go. Seek help Dear Ones and it will be forthcoming and if you ASK, you will always be protected.

Jeshua and Mary Magdalene:

We are here to guide and support you in these momentous times.Know that you are all a part of God and as such nothing can ever Divide you in spirit. These current challenges are major opportunities for spiritual growth.You are all POWERFUL sentient beings and as such you can MANIFEST whatever you so DESIRE.The TIME is NOW to WAKE UP and to KNOW this.

Many of you may not even LOVE yourselves Dear Ones but it is TIME now to do the work on yourselves to make this happen.If you cannot do this for yourself reach out to others for help.If you cannot LOVE yourselves,how can you LOVE another.? Once you have found it in your heart to LOVE and FORGIVE yourselves for anything that you may or may not have done you will be able to find it in your heart to LOVE others who have hurt you.

As Jesus I had times when I got angry with others and I had to learn to LOVE AND FORGIVE them and myself at that time.My Dearest Mary would remind me of this often .We are a partnership made in Heaven and we have come together NOW to help all of you in your own partnerships on Earth.

TRUST and BELIEVE Dear Ones that LOVE is the key to everything.LOVE yourselves , your neighbours and your enemies as we LOVE you and ALL WILL TRULY BE WELL.


We send you much LOVE and many BLESSINGS .

Jeshua and Mary Magdalene.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius.21.8.2021

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