The so called Lions Gate is again upon the Earth at this time of your 8.8. every year when the Sirius star connects with the portal that is The Great Pyramid of Giza. However Dearest Ones ,what you may not know is that you are all shining pyramids of LIGHT which can be attuned and activated by your own connection to Sirius and the frequencies of Light and Harmonics at this time and any time.!!!!

There is much focus on this particular time on your planet and it is all well and good to connect with other Light beings on your planet in your meditations at certain times of your year but ,in Truth ,it matters not when or how you connect .There is no Time. Time was a construct invented by man to make sense of his outer world but in the inner world there is no time.What matters is that you connect ,in your heart ,in a loving peaceful vibration to all that IS in EVERY moment of your time.

We are all a part of the ONE true God and as such there is no division.The whole of planet Earth is moving from a 3rd Dimensional frequency into the 5th Dimensional frequency of LIGHT and LOVE.As we have said many ,many times before ,you are all changing from carbon based to crystalline .Carbon based entities will not be able to even exist in the 5th Dimension.The Ascension is existing for all in the here and NOW when you CONNECT with it .It may seem far away for some but those in the know are already existing in the 5th Dimension ,which is a true Heaven on Earth.

Each and every one of you can enter into this Divine state at your own rate.You have all been working on your mind,body and spirit and developing at your own rate to achieve this NIRVANA .Do not berate yourself if you feel that you are not there yet.EVERYONE will Ascend at their own rate ,some more quickly than others,but we re-iterate EVERYONE will ASCEND.

Everyone is waking up at their own time and speed.You as LIGHTWORKERS reading this information are at the coalface so to speak. You have woken up before the majority of the population but HAVE NO FEAR everyone will awaken in their own time .YOU Dear Ones are part of the plan.You came here to spearhead the process, so to speak.You came here specifically to SHINE the LIGHT for others to follow you.You are coming together in your groups as powerful beacons of LIGHT for others to follow.Have no Fear Dear ones whatever you are doing ,whether it be demonstrating on the streets,speaking your truth to others by writing,broadcasting or personally to friends and family or by just sitting back and holding the LIGHT, you are all doing an amazing job which you all came here to do.

Many of you are concerned about being harmed by frequencies and many inventions are coming to LIGHT to protect you against so called damaging frequencies .However Dear ones do remember that the greatest protection against any so- called damaging frequency is your own selves. Working on yourselves to become shining beacons of LIGHT is the greatest protection that you can ever have from any so called bad or evil being thrown at you.Your own POWER is within YOU.Your own BELIEF in the SACRED POWER within you as a part of GOD is the most powerful protection that you can ever have .No one or No thing can ever harm you unless you allow it.Remember that you are Crystalline beings now and as such all the harm that could have been caused to a carbon based body is no more.You are the ROCK now.

YOU are the LIGHT ,YOU are the SOVEREIGN beings and as such if you TRUST and BELIEVE nothing can ever harm you.It is the Fear that will harm you.FEAR no thing and no one and you are all powerful.Dear Ones.

“When you walk through the storm, hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the Dark “are the words of a very famous song. And so Dear Ones WALK ON through the storm and hold your heads up high.Fear no one and no thing and ALL WILL BE WELL That is you own inner protection. KNOW that you are POWERFUL SOVEREIGN BEINGS and nothing can ever harm you unless YOU allow it to do so.Be strong amidst all the fear and doubt and know that you always have that protection around you.It may feel stormy at times as you navigate the waters but remember at the end of the storm is that beautiful rainbow and there is the peace that will pass all understanding.

As always Dear Ones we are here to help you navigate this time .Call on us for help and protection but KNOW that YOU are the Ones who are helping humanity to Ascend,YOU are the ones who are changing the planet ,YOU are the future .TRUST and BELIEVE.

ALL IS WELL with the planet in your hands Dear Ones.

We send you much LOVE and Many Blessings on this LIONS GATE Day

We are SIRIUS.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius. LIONS GATE 8.8.2021

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