Dearest Ones many of you have worked long and hard on yourselves and we are very proud of the work that you have achieved for yourselves and the planet..NOW IS THE TIME TO WAKE UP to your own SOVEREIGNTY. Be Masters of your own Universe so to speak. Much LIGHT is being showered on you in waves and everyone is feeling the changes that are occurring on your planet today.As workers of the LIGHT ,you are ahead of the crowd. so to speak and are in a position of immense POWER.However this does not mean that you are above or below anyone else in stature.You are all a part of the Great being called GOD or the ONE and YOU can MANIFEST the New Wondrous World for everyone to enjoy and you can at last reap the rewards of your own inner work.

Many of you may be feeling exhausted from the perceived battle that you have been fighting against the Dark element that has tried to run the Earth for centuries but we are here to tell you that the battle has been won.You may not be seeing this in your own reality as you continue to hear stories of rules,regulations and lockdowns due to new strains of an illness and fear continues to be broadcast in your media.Do not listen to these stories for that is just what they are -: Stories. Now is the time to make up your own Story .

Now is the time to move up and live in your own Story, your own 5th Dimension of LOVE ,PEACE and HARMONY for all. It is time now for YOU to MANIFEST all that you wish for in your own lives.You may have been feeling trapped by your own Governments with their rules and regulations but Dear Ones ,if they are not of the LIGHT, you will begin to see many changes and restructuring of these Governments as they too come into the LIGHT. The dark is transforming into LIGHT and it is coming out of the shadows to be healed so to speak .The Dark will not survive in the 5th Dimension. The 5th Dimension is here and now and not in some far off distant future.

You all have the POWER to change your own reality and in so doing changing reality for those around you.Imagine, if you will ,as you walk around in your daily lives that you can change and help others around you ,by just shining your own LIGHT. There is nothing to do but to just BE.You are all beacons of LIGHT and are gathering others to follow you .Soul groups are coming together to change their own reality on Earth and in so doing can change the whole World NOW.This is how it was meant to be. Many of you came from the Stars to help humanity Ascend to the 5th Dimension and you are beginning to understand this and to KNOW who you really are. Knowing who you are is very empowering for you.

You do not need a SAVIOUR ,you are your own Saviours,your Higher Self knows what to do.TRUST and BELIEVE Dear Ones in your own SOVEREIGNTY. Stand up to those who would try to take away your own Power.Stand up to those who would try to rule you. Know without a doubt how Powerful you are . Send those who would fight you ,your LOVE for LOVE is the greatest Power on Earth .LOVE is your Power Dear Ones.

LOVE as the Angels do Dear Ones.Send your perceived enemies your LOVE. Many people on Earth are feeling much anger and confusion as their own worlds are falling apart.Much darkness is coming to the surface to be healed and oft times they may be feeling their own anger .They can hit out at the nearest person which may be YOU ,Dear Ones, when they see your LIGHT .Treat them as your children for they know not what they do. Send them your LOVE but walk away Dear Ones ,you do not have to stay and fight their battles for them.

LOVE attracts LOVE and those of you who have been feeling on your own and lonely will be attracting others of the same LIGHT as you.Many of you have been feeling apart from your friends and families as they believe their own story which might not be your story.Fear not Dear Ones as you ASCEND, others will eventually follow you. You will now be attracting new friends of the same Dimension. For a time it will seem as if you will never be on the same wavelength as some of your own dear friends and families .However if you give them time they will soon wake up and see life as you see it.

Fear not about the stories that are being bandied about.Stories of life threatening jabs which could kill your friends and families.In Truth many of these jabs are innocuous and those that could have caused harm have been neutralised and can now do no harm .The harm that can be done is in your heads dear Ones ,if you believe these stories. Much of the harm and illness that has been caused by the so called virus or vax is caused by a Belief in the harm that can be caused.It is just another story.Do not believe in the story of the harm that can be caused. Believe in LOVE. LOVE can heal your life by healing your beliefs Dear Ones. As SOVEREIGN beings Believe in your own POWER to heal yourselves and others around you. Forget the harm being done,concentrate on LOVE and on the future of the planet,populated by LOVING people. As YOU heal others around you ,YOU can heal the world around you and indeed the whole planet.

The so called evil ones who have been spreading fear throughout the world will not be entering the 5th Dimension .Fear not Dear Ones your own Dear friends and families ,who are not evil , will eventually Ascend as you do . As the LIGHT rays showering the Earth begin to speed up , many souls may well awaken with a bump so to speak .You will be there to help and guide them .As an enlightened soul you will be very much needed .You have been in the shadows for long enough .NOW IS THE TIME TO WAKE UP and come to the fore Dear Ones.


As always we are here to help and guide you but Dear Ones YOU are the SOVEREIGN BEINGS .YOU are the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE .YOU are the FUTURE. TRUST and BELIEVE Dear Ones .HAVE FAITH In your own SOVEREIGNTY.

Much LOVE and LIGHT to you all.

Sirius .

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius 15.7.2021.

5 thoughts on “SOVEREIGNTY

  1. Lovely, I shall leave a trail of love wherever I go. Thank you for these words of comfort and hope. I really appreciate this. Love XX

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  2. Ce que je comprends les vaccins sur le marché actuellement seraient rendus inoffensifs? Ai-je bien compris? Merci


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